Lyme Times

by Ivy Dye



released July 17, 2012



all rights reserved


Ivy Dye Chicago, Illinois

Super famous Chicago band.

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Track Name: Yankee
Have you been at it again?
Your eyes, they say let me in
Backdoor, you’re covered in blood
Makes sense you’d do it again
Again, oh, you do it again

Hey you, did you ever go?
Did you ever come home that night?
Who cares about petty things?
Well I guess you do
I understand, I understand

Crossroads urge to begin
New days that we don’t let end
Quarrels were covered in blood
Not since we gave them a rinse
We cleaned it all off
Track Name: Heart
You steal and you take just for the sake of the take
To make a quick buck and spew out audio exhaust
Do you have fun with this?
Crafting meaningless hits?
You bend at the knees when it comes time to think
To make it sound new, recycled sounds bound by glue
Do you have fun with this?
Being the leader of it?

Heart, heart comes easy with truth
I know that you’re stuck in a trap

A trumpet will sound bringing it back to life
With timbres around that speak of something alright
Do you have fun with this?
Always faking it?
Track Name: Statue
Hey dear, you’re somewhere that I can’t see today
Unfair, but so fair, I’ll make it through another day
I’m fine to wait, I’m fine to wait

I don’t care, I’ve heard it before
Sleeplessness wins again
A fine thread that fits through my door
Always coming in
It’s always coming in

Let’s cheer to lonely years always taking up our time
I know I’ve done this before, made a statue out of cries
I’m fine to wait, oh I’m, I’m so fine to wait
Track Name: Snow Creek
Don’t touch his eyes, you don’t know where he’s been
Save for his good nights spent in a heroin binge

Gin filled and terrified, comparable to Catholic sin
Stuffed to his mother’s cries, a farmer to his own grin

Watch him go, watch this go
We’ll all go one day
Separate city, a new city
From the one we knew at five

Sell highs and lie, put God in your mind
Downpour from stained fur spent in someone’s eyes

Watch him go, watch this go
We’ll all go one day
Separate city, a new city
From the one we knew at five
Constant struggles, a knife battle
We’ll all go one day
A new pastime offers fast times
Than the ones we knew at five