by Ivy Dye

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Regality is the first full-length album from Chicago band Ivy Dye.


released July 22, 2016

Chris Adams - songwriting, vocals, guitar, production, & arrangement
Spencer Walters - drums, engineering, production, additional songwriting, & additional performance
Bryan Dalle Molle - production, mixing, & additional performance
Connor Boyle - mastering, production, & additional performance



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Ivy Dye Chicago, Illinois

Super famous Chicago band.

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Track Name: Yankee
Have you been at it again?
Your eyes, they say let me in
Backdoor, you’re covered in blood
Makes sense you’d do it again
Again, oh, you do it again

Hey you, did you ever go?
Did you ever come home that night?
Who cares about petty things?
Well I guess you do
I understand, I understand

Crossroads urge to begin
New days that we don’t let end
Quarrels were covered in blood
Not since we gave them a rinse
We cleaned it all off
Track Name: Fevered Teen
Fevered teen, you'll speak your mind and you'll break your teeth
So unrelenting of the warmth from sun
Self-suffocating in the act of love

Severed thumbs, just blame the vamp that had your feet so numb
You'll break her vex when you reach twenty-one
Mill Mountain stares at you with so much love
Track Name: Polarity
The rustle of hearts on couches ignoring the cinema
Seems right with hands clasped tight, my other half

Well I'll come to you, magnetized warmth is due
It was always you, even in the dark

Light shade of brown that leaves me mellow is worth all of this
She has me now through life and death, the perfect plot twist
Track Name: Loose Dime
My giants, so long for now
Your shadows will hold their ground
But dorm rooms are empty
We don't share this sleep tonight

Hey there, steel capes
Who's your friend? What's her name?
Does she have time for a loose dime?
Goodbye, skyline

I have gut rot
Dead ears cut off
Track Name: Sugar Plum
You're my own sugar plum I tended to last winter
Against the odds you made it through
It's more than sweet, it's life with you

You're my own sugar plum
Track Name: Snug Love
Digest love's laws, let it settle in
Beating, treating, staring at the clock
Your face verse it's late, such a fatal flaw
Who cares? You're here, lit up this dark hall

Snug love dug its claws into my chest, twisting limbs with sun
Never forget how my heart swells with your fervor
Tasteful actions and reactions all involving us

Car rides to there keep this head on straight
Turnpike, left, right, how did I not fall?
I'm here in fear, do I have to leave?
Your hair ensnares, keeping me in place
Track Name: Snow Creek
Don't touch his eyes, you don't know where he's been
Save for his good nights spent in a heroin binge

Gin-filled and terrified, comparable to Catholic sin
Stuffed to his mother's cries, a farmer to his own grin

Watch him go, watch this go
We'll all go one day
Separate city, a new city from the one we knew at five

Sell highs and lie, put God in your mind
Downpour from stained fur spent in someone's eyes

Constant struggles, a knife battle
We'll all go one day
A new pastime offers fast times than the ones we knew at five
Track Name: Heart
You steal and you take just for the sake of the take
To make a quick buck and spew out audio exhaust
Do you have fun with this?
Crafting meaningless hits?

You bend at the knees when it comes time to think
To make it sound new, recycled sounds bound by glue
Do you have fun with this?
Being the leader of it?

Heart, heart comes easy with truth
I know that you’re stuck in a trap

A trumpet will sound bringing it back to life
With timbres around that speak of something alright
Do you have fun with this?
Always faking it?
Track Name: Soothing Nightmares
Catch him off guard, separate from gods
Pull him home now, throw him down now, dispose of him now

I've got something in my head that's pounding on my innocence, must be a bad dream
I'll wake up sore, feeling abused, not knowing just what to do
Soothing nightmares

Drain him of blood, teach him no love
Pull him home now, throw him down now, dispose of him now